Workshops of self-knowledge through photography.

«We are what we photograph» Discover who you are and how you perceive the world around you!

Ever since the Photograph was invented it has been used for therapy. Jo Spence (1934-1992) symbolises the origin of therapeutic photography. She pioneered the therapeutic use of photographs in personal spaces and for social intervention. For the first time, she created exercises raising awareness of the great therapeutic and social power of the photograph, more so when she was diagnosed with cancer, an illness that she photographed right up to the day of her death. It is also worth noting Claude Cahunhi’s use of self-portraits as an exploratory tool, and the work that Judy Weiser has carried forward to the present time, with its focus on phototherapy. She is a world leader who has laid the foundations for this ever-growing practice.

I am Oihana Marco, photographer, psychologist and anthropologist....

My work explores the therapeutic potential of photography, and I use this discipline as a valuable tool for self-awareness, relaxation and creativity. I recognise that every person has a unique and personal look, something which I endeavour to reflect in every one of my photographs. I explore the self-portrait as a form of self-affirmation and self-exploration, making visible what is often hidden within ourselves.

I also integrate the practice of mindfulness in photography.

I encourage mindful creation that is free from pressure and help to discover the beauty in everyday life. This is the way of understanding photography that I instil in my workshops, in which I share a totally different perspective of how to view the world. In my workshops, I will show you how, by analysing our images using visual language and psychology, we will better understand how we view the world and therefore, increase our awareness of who we are so that we can live a fuller life.

What do my workshops of self-knowledge through photography consist of?

My photographic therapy workshops are a safe and tranquil space in which we explore our emotions, concerns, desires and dreams. Always accompanied by me and under my guidance, these workshops are not centred around photographic techniques, but on the therapeutic use of photographs and self-portraits as a medium for self-awareness and personal development.


Objective: The purpose of these workshops is to use the photograph as a powerful tool for self-awareness, personal development and empowerment.

Focus: In contrast to technical photography workshops,  we focus on exploring emotion and personal expression through the images. We are not trying to learn how to take photographs, but to use the photographs as a therapy resource.

Personal exploration: These meetings provide you with an opportunity to connect with your emotions, your intimacy and your inner search.  We analyse and contrast what your photos reveal in relation to your life experiences. This is an opportunity to give a voice to your story and reconsider the narrative that you have told yourself in the past.


Important Note: These workshops are not a substitute for psychotherapy, but they can help you to discover truths about yourself and to complement your personal growth.

Who is the self-knowledge through photography workshop for?

This workshop is designed for:


Women and men: The workshop can be run exclusively for women or it can be mixed, depending on demand.


Creative people: For those who wish to stimulate their creative processes and explore new forms of artistic expression.


Seekers of self-awareness: Anyone who is interested in beginning or going deeper into a journey of self-awareness and personal development.

Strengthening self-esteem: Anyone who wants to strengthen their self-esteem and to learn to be kinder in the way they view themselves.

Emotional freedom: For those who are seeking a release for repressed or blocked emotions using photography as a therapeutic tool.

This workshop offers a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of art and photography while exploring deeply held aspects of yourself. As a result of this journey into self-awareness, by the end of the workshop each participant will have created their own personal art project

A meeting with your own self through art

What topics will we deal with in the workshop on personal development and self-knowledge through photography?

01. Theme

Connection between ``Psychology`` and ``Photography``.

We learn to interlink concepts from psychology and photography, exploring how our emotions and personal experiences can be expressed through the images. In Practice 1, we learn to observe the world that surrounds us more deeply and with greater awareness.

02. Theme

Image, projection and identity

We explore the relation between our personal image, how we perceive ourselves and how others see us. Through Practice 2, we analyse how we project our identity in the images and how these reflect aspects of our personality and experiences.

03. Theme

Contemplative Photography (Mindfulness)

Introduction to the concept of mindfulness applied to photography. We learn to be fully present in the moment while we capture images, focusing on the details and the emotions that emerge. We explore different types of looks in the photographs, being inspired by the work by different authors. We conclude with Practice 3. 

04. Theme

The Expressionist Gaze (Self-Portrait and Identity)

We approach the self-portrait as a form of artistic expression and personal exploration. We analyse how our photographs can reveal deep aspects of our identity and emotions. In Practice 4, we learn to use the self-portrait as a creative and therapeutic tool.

05. Theme

Presentation of the project ``Final Self-Portrait``.

In this session, participants will have the opportunity to present and share their final self-portrait projects. Each project will reflect each participant’s personal journey throughout the workshop, demonstrating their growth and self-discovery through photography.

Why my self-knowledge through photography workshop?

This workshop will give you a unique opportunity to:


Build resilience in a changing world: You will learn to adapt and strengthen yourself emotionally in a constantly evolving environment.


Gain clarity, focus and motivation: The photograph will help you to see your personal objectives and motivation with greater clarity.


Discover  your potential: Explore hidden abilities and potential that you were unaware of.


Tell your unique visual story: Use the images to express your emotions and experiences in an authentic and powerful way.


Creative and dynamic growth: Boost your personal growth and creativity through the photographic experience.


Boost your self-exploration and self-awareness: Discover unknown aspects of yourself in a playful and unique way through conscious photography.


Empowerment and self-esteem: Increase your self-confidence and self-esteem as you delve deeper into visual exploration.


Reconcile with your body image: Help to heal and reconcile yourself with your body, particularly if you have faced challenges such as cancer, obesity, anorexia or other complications.


Pave the way: Find new perspectives and ways that were hidden from you before.


Connect with your essence: Discover and connect with aspects that were hidden, blocked or unknown to you.


Understand your view of the world: Through your photos, learn how you perceive the world and use them as a tool to know yourself better and to make changes in your life.


Make changes: Use conscious photography as a tool to make significant changes in your life and take responsibility for your wellbeing.

Important workshop details


The workshop duration can be adapted to your needs:

  • 5 Sessions: A total of 10 hours, consisting of a 2 hour session per week.
  • 8 Sessions: A total of 16 hours, consisting of a 2 hour session per week.
  • Individual sessions: 1 hour / 1 hr 30 mins

How much

(Price subject to a minimum of 6 people per workshop)

  • 5 sessions: 180 euros
  • 8 sessions: 245 euros
  • Individual sessions: 70 euros (1hour) / 90 euros (1 hr 30 mins)


The sessions are attended in-person. They can be held at a centre of my choice or at a location requested by a specific association. If you prefer, I can also offer group or individual online sessions.



Not at all! You don’t need any prior experience in photography or a professional camara. All you need is the desire to create, explore and share in a group environment. Ensure that you have access to the internet and that you have downloaded the Zoom app.


Group size

Group sizes are reduced to a maximum of 6-8 participants to guarantee privacy and to provide a friendly and personalised atmosphere. This allows for a more enriching interaction and gives my work a personal focus.

Are you looking for a different photographic experience? Are you interested in organising photography workshops for a specific group?

On behalf of public and private institutions, I currently also run empowerment and self-awareness workshops through photography for women and for groups at risk of exclusion. Among my workshops for institutions, one stands out. This is a workshop for adolescents based on image, gender and advertising. I have run this workshop through UMA (University of Malaga), The Gender Unit and FGUMA.

I have also designed other projects and workshops for groups at risk of exclusion at the  POMPIDOU CENTRE IN MALAGA, BILBAO MUSEUM OF FINE ARTS, BALENCIAGA MUSEUM, THE ELLACURÍA FOUNDATION, THE KUMERA FOUNDATION, among others.

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