I design and carry out educational-social projects using Art, Anthropology and Photography as mediation tools.

The principles and values that guide my work are: art as a means of expression, participation, equality, empowerment and inclusion, as mediums for building coexistence.

And among my key objectives are:
– The encouragement of critical and creative thinking and the ability to communicate by taking part in experimental ideas using art.
– Developing an ability to work as a team, sharing reflective processes that interrelate the language of art in the creation of specific products.

Workshops on conscious photography.

  • Self-awareness through photography (Individuals/Groups)
  • Empowering and communal photography (Women at risk of exclusion)
  • Teaching about Image (Adolescents)

Projects to measure.

For public and private institutions.

  • A set or a combination of workshops designed as projects.
  • The use of image as a form of expression, self-awareness and empowerment.


Creative photography proposals for working on the themes of immigration, gender, image, advertising, self-esteem and empowerment.
Applying a gender perspective when looking at images and in photography.

Workshops: Image therapy and visual pedagogy.

Service 01

``Photography as a form of self-knowledge and personal development``.

Being the subject and object when taking a photograph, empowerment and promoting freedom and self-awareness.

Service 02

``Invisible Images`` (Women at risk of exclusion).

“The camera is a witness. The camera listens without judging. The power of photography is to ‘make visible’ the invisible” (Jo Spence).

Service 03

``Adopt the stance``(Minors and adolescents)(Minors and adolescents).

«Men look at women. Women look at themselves in relation to the way that they are looked at. This not only determines the relationships between men and women, but also the relationship of women with themselves» (J. Berger, 1970)

Service 04

``The clothed body

«Fashion, beauty and the female body: a critique from a gender perspective».

Projects where the image and its use is therapeutic or pedagogical.

from 3000 euros.


A photography project for Muslim women based on self-awareness, self-expression and recognition.

The project consists of a set of workshops (those mentioned previously and/or different ones) which aim to promote social participation among women, create links, forms of creative expression around questions of identity, adaptation or more personal issues. At the end of the workshop, participants will develop a photography project which will be presented, along with one of my photos of each participant, and they will give a talk at the inauguration. The aim is to raise awareness of cultural and religious diversity.

  • Aimed at: Muslim women
  • Duration: 10 meetings of 2 hrs
  • Price: from €3.000
  • Min: 5 people


Advice, accompaniment and facilitation of processes.

Women's museums

Following in the wake of Marian López Cao and other scholars of gender and art, my proposal attempts to implement the anthropological character of gender as viewed through exhibitions, works and art or educational proposals by examining the presence of gender concepts and a more inclusive view in the art galleries of the state. My proposals also differ depending on each commission and the institutions requesting them (e.g. museums that want to implement that gender viewpoint in their concept for exhibitions, itineraries, as a means of addressing interventions and curators…)


  • Aimed at: Museums and other art or educational institutions.
  • Includes: Visit, adapted academic and practical dossier, training of employees.
  • Price: Dependent on the project