I offer you my view on a human, psychological and artistic level.

«The camera is a witness.
The camera listens without judging.
The power of the photograph is to “make visible” the invisible» (Jo Spence)

I'm Oihana Marco....

Oihana Marco (Zaragoza, 1977), a graduate in Psychology (UPV, 1995-2000), professional association number GZ03055, with a Masters in Anthropology (Brunel University, London 2005-06). The subject of her thesis was the veil and second-generation women in London. From 2007 to 2011 she worked as a researcher on gender-based projects, Islam and immigration in Barcelona, Zaragoza and London, where her work was published (CSIC. IeMed and Vocento).
Subsequently, she studied at the Spectrum-Sotos School of Photography (Zaragoza, 2012) and at the CFD (Barcelona), after which she began to work professionally as a photographer. Her first exhibition was in 2014 at the Mirada de Mujeres Festival in Zaragoza where her work «Tempus Fugit» was exhibited at the Caja Rural de Aragón (Bantierra) in Zaragoza and later in Huesca, with both exhibitions curated by Carlota Santabárbara. The following year, with the support of the DraftIn Gallery in Madrid, this exhibition travelled to the Donostiartean art festival (San Sebastián).

In 2016-2017 she completed a university extension course in Phototherapy at the University of Malaga.

From 2016 to 2022 her work involved designing empowerment projects and workshops through photography for the Bilbao Museum of Fine Arts, the Fundación Ellacuría and Kumara Infancia, where she combined photography and therapy with women at risk of social exclusion, immigrants and refugees, etc.

As part of an “In&At” grant from DSS 2016, she took part in an art residency in Hull (United Kingdom) where she created a work on refugees based on a comparison between Basque refugee children in 1937 and those of the present day. This work was exhibited at the Casa de Cultura Oquendo (San Sebastián) and at the Palacio Montemuzo in Zaragoza in 2018. After this, she was invited as a multidisciplinary artist to the V CONGRESS «MIL FORMAS DE MIRAR Y HACER: Artes, Migraciones y transculturalidad» (A THOUSAND WAYS TO SEE AND DO: Art, Migrations and Transculturality) at the Pablo Olavide University with her speech entitled «photographic creation through an anthropological viewpoint». An artwork that was later published.

In 2018 she received another art residency from the Blogliasco Foundation (Geneva) where her work was based on the body in her art project entitled: «The Mindful Body: an explorative journey as a woman through photo-therapy and self portraits» . Her work was exhibited in the Spectrum-Sotos Gallery (2018), at the Javier Román Gallery (Malaga), at the Casa de las Navajas, Torremolinos (Malaga) and at otr Argentina (Neuquén and Buenos Aires).

Since then, she has carried out photographic projects for the Regional Government of Guipúzcoa (2021- 2022).

She has also given workshops as an artist and anthropologist at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid.

(on her work with the Islamic veil), University of Malaga, General Foundation of the University of Malaga (2020).

In 2022, she worked as a photographer for the Toulouse Chamber Orchestra and the Baroque Orchestra of Barcelona. After this, she created an art project with the violinist and composer Gilles Colliard in Thonon (France).

Her professional objective is to make photography another medium through which stories can be told and awaken hidden voices and realities from a social, art and gender perspective.

I have worked as a teacher and speaker for:

  • The University of Malaga
  • Pablo Olavide University
  • CSIC, Barcelona
  • Pompidou Centre in Malaga
  • Bilbao Museum of Fine Art

My mission

My mission is to be a mediator and companion in the reconnection of women with their inner self and their essence through art, (art photo sessions, workshops, individual therapy sessions) so they can learn to appreciate themselves, rediscover themselves and reinvent themselves, because that leads to self-awareness and, thereby, to personal growth. I want to show them their essence and for them to shine by themselves through my photos.

I am a member of MAV (Mujeres en la Artes Visuales – Women and the Visual Arts) and of  COLECTIVA (Observatorio Cultural Feminista de Málaga – Feminist Cultural Observatory of Malaga).


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I have also worked for....

In this blog or website, Oihana Marco shares her articles on Islam published through Vocento in Spanish newspapers.

In the above, her analyses range from terrorist attacks and their relation to identity and politics. At the same time, she talks extensively about the «veil» and its adoption among young people of second or third generation migrants in our country and in other European countries. Her anthropological studies on this theme, both theoretical and in the field (in the United Kingdon and Spain) endorse her experience in this subject. Her talks and conferences (Brunel University, City University of London, CSIC, Iemed, Pablo Olavide University, Pluralism and Coexistence, etc…) vouch for this.»